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Interested in getting professional services from Oritech? Request a free quote for your desired service from us today. We shall get back to you within the shortest time possible.

Welcome to Oritech

Oritech Company Ltd is a fully incorporated Information Technology Company in Kenya which is centered around provision of I.T. products and services. We offer services ranging from website development, applications development, digital marketing, search engine optimization, web hosting, M-Pesa API integration, SMS APIs, USSD APIs and much more. We offer a variety of products in our shop ranging from laptops, mobile phones and home electricals. Our growth is centered on client satisfaction over the years which has seen client numbers on the rise.

We also have online enterprise products such as Payroll and Leave Manager which are customised according to your organizational needs. We are committed to bring more clients on board in any of our services as we continually improve on them in accordance with changes in the Tech world. Feel free to explore our products and services and get intouch with us any time for any clarifications that may be required.


Web Solutions

Our Web Solutions range from Website Design and Development, Digital Marketing, Portal Development, SEO, System Re-Engineering & Maintenance.

Mobile Solutions

We offer a variety of Mobile Solutions like Native Apps Development, Cross Platform Apps Development, Mobile Apps Testing, Linking with online Systems and much more.

Consultancy & Training

Our team offers training to Developers and professional consultancy before, during and after development of an IT solution. We also do training on various IT issues.

Fully Responsive Design

Our websites and web applications come with responsive capability which enables them to resize in accordance to the screen size of the person browsing through it.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

We build platforms which are compatible accross all browsers. Our development process includes tests over different browsers to ensure optimum performance of the final output.


Our staff are there to provide continous support to our clients. Get intouch either via the live chat, contact form or call us through the official line within office hours.

Why Choose Oritech?

Professional Developers

We have qualified and professional designers and developers who work tirelessly to ensure that you get the best out of Oritech. We delivery exactly what you wanted!

Quality Consultancy

At Oritech, we believe in the client getting what they want and even much more. During our client engagement process, we listen to you and give advise based on your needs.

24/7 Monitoring

We monitor systems and services rendered to our clients to ensure maximum uptime and counter any issues that may arise. Our developers are always there for you.

Fulltime Support

We strive to offer all support needed to our clients. We are there to troubleshoot any problems, do updates/upgrades, Executive Advise and much more.

Testimonials from our happy clients

I got the M-Pesa API Integration from Oritech and it works perfectly! I now receive realtime payment updates in my system and can generate pending payment reports with the click of a button.

Christopher CEO & Founder Hype www.hyperesource.com

Very exemplary design! I got a very interactive system which now enables me to easily manage my clients and also track their service requests status and progress. Clients also get realtime notifications via SMS.

Emmanuel CEO & Founder PapTrack www.paptrack.co.ke

Very well designed web application. Smooth process flow and easy to use for first time clients. Easy user and request management using the comprehensive Admin platform developed. Thank you!

Paul Founder of HousingSmart www.housingsmart.co.ke

Knowledge Base

Diverse Languages

We have a wide array of developers who have adequate knowledge in vast programming languages thus enabling us meet the diverse needs of different Websites and Applications ordered by clients. We develope basically anything you request for within the shortest time we can.

Web Frameworks

We have proficient knowledge in working with frameworks such as Joomla, WordPress, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Laravel among others which enable us deliver secure platforms that are easy for the client to do basic editing for the websites.


We attend training organized by various Tech firms to enlighten developer on current trends in the development world. This enables us to keep up to date with latest technology thus enabling us deliver the best with uttmost security.

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Data Management Insights

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Coming Up With The Best Web Design

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Some of Our Clients

  • Alfeno Studios
  • APR Journals
  • Duara Audio Visual
  • Erankau Hotel
  • Faidasasa
  • Fashion360
  • HousingSmart
  • Hype Information Research
  • Limuru Nursing Home
  • Ministry of Devolution & Planning
  • PapTrack Systems Ltd
  • Village Enterprise
  • WillieScant Company
  • Young Business Owners

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